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PromoBox is the true Plug & Play All-in-One solution for your Digital Signage

You want to promote your products or services to your audience in your retail store or at a trade show or any other kind of temporary event on any kind of digital screens? Nothing easier than this with STiNO’s PromoBox all-in-one solution. PromoBox is a true plug & play solution which is so easy to start with, as you only need to power it and get a screen connected via HDMI and/or Display Port with up to 4K video resolution. PromoBox comes in a robust metal case without any moving parts (fanless and SSD) and a ultra small form factor of only 3 cm height to easily hide it behind any screen PromoBox does not require any software installation or configuration and work even without any network for content editing and playback. Several templates provides you a quick start to add and prepare your own promotion content with an easy WYSIWYG playlist editor which can can be edited via the local Browser or, if connected to the network, from any other Browser in the local network.

Perfect solution for…

  • Small retail stores
    such as mom and pop stores, hotels, restauurants, real estate agencies and many more…
  • Trade fairs and events
    Perfect for temporary installations where no network is available

PromoBox Hardware

  • Ultra compact and robust powerful signage player with Windows 10
  • Support for up to 2 screens with up to 4K UHD video resolution per screen

PromoBox Software

  • Powerful iChannel CMS with a WYSIWYG content editor and a variety of free playlist templates that can be operated from a local browser or any browser over the local network
  • Player software with auto-start function for support to one or two screens play-out

PromoClient - the extension

is an extension as a play-out box for additional screens managed from the PromoBox over the network at a reduced price but with the same play-out functions as the PromoBox just without the editing functions.

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